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    Latest News

    The opening of three new branches of Tarboosh restaurants in January 2015

    And that in Fatih and Findikzada in Istanbul and the third in Ankara, worth mentioning that the restaurant chain and the ovens of Tarbosh have three other restaurants in the area Yusuf Pasha in Istanbul and Termal in Yalva

    Tarboosh resturants and ovens chain launches its social network pages

    .. on Youtube and Facebook for gaining the interactive linking with their valuable customers, You can find the links at the up left corner of our website ...

    Tarboosh resturants and ovens chain widening its teamwork

    By adding a new chefs and cookers to face the expansion of their investments as well as updating the group framework and adding new departments as PR, marketing and developing departments

    Soon Tarboosh Sweets

    We're going to launch a new production line for sweets by Jan 2015 ...

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    Chicken with sauce ... 8 TL

    Fatoosh ... 5 TL

    Taboola/ Metabel ... 5 TL

    Arugula salad ... 5 TL

    Thyme salad ... 5 TL

    Homos ... 5 TL

    Yalnagi ... 5 TL

    Creamy garlic ... 5 TL

    Cheese Borek ... 5 TL

    Vegetables Salad ... 5 TL


    Fatta with meat ... 12 TL

    Chickpea with meat ... 10 TL

  • About Us

    Tarbush resturant is one the Arabic pioneer resturants in Turkey that present the Brosted meals (Fish and chicken) and rice meals, and Kabsa with grilled chicken. as well as the famous Syrian appetizers with Marqad (the Syrian bread). All of these in high quality and competitive price.

    Our well known Marked Address: In front of Yousofpaşa tramway station two of our branches (One on each side of the tramway station), Now is our new third branch in Yalva in Termal (Known for its old Turkish baths and forests)



    Mr. M. Nizar Bitar

    General Manager of Tarbush Group .

    Mr. Abu Malek

    Brosted Brach Manager .

    Mr. Abu Alaa

    Modern Brach Manager

    Dr. Abu Wageh

    Bakaries Manager

    Mr. Basem Bitar


    Dr. Abu Yousof

    Public Relations manager

  • Services Overview

    Consolation supplying

    We supply the consolations with all food needs, meals, Arabic coffee and tea.

    Weddind parties food supplying

    We provide a wide range varities of foods for the grome and pride, and for the wedding guests in high quality .

    Circumcision parties supplying

    It's a gift to can manage a party with guests are adults and children, It's our gift .

    Conferences food supplying

    It's the idea to provide high class with wide range of your customers' minds, so we can do it easily.

    Meetings lunch hosting

    All of our resturants can provide you with the suitable place for your meeting with a valuable lunch for your guests.

    Food supplying for ships and cruises

    We are providing the ships for the long trips, marine trips, and entertainment trips .

  • Price List

    Brosted Fish
    13 TL
    Kabsa with meat
    18 TL
    Brosted Chicken Wings/thighs
    12 TL
    Sausage stuffed with rice
    18 TL
    Capricorn with rice
    18 TL
    Chicken Freka
    12 TL
    Shakaria with rice
    18 TL
    Freka with meat
    18 TL
    Kabsa with chicken
    12 TL
    Shish Borek
    15 TL

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  • Our Location

    Tarbush Kitchen MODERN

    Haseki Sultan Mh., Millet Caddesi
    Aksaray Fatih Istanbul,
    34100 Istanbul, Turkey
    Telephone: +90 (0212) 568 8116
    E-mail: modern@tarbushkitchen.com

    Tarbush Kitchen BROSTED

    Molla Gürani Mah., Millet Caddesi NO: 24\A
    Aksaray Fatih Istanbul,
    34200 Istanbul, Turkey
    Telephone: +90 (0212) 568 8116
    E-mail: brosted@tarbushkitchen.com

    Tarbush Kitchen Yelva

    Kokcedere Mah., Adnan Kahveci Caddesi NO: 16
    Yalova, Turkey
    Telephone: +90 (0226) 60000 19
    Telephone: +90 (0537) 392 22 39
    E-mail: yalova@tarbushkitchen.com

    Tarbush Bakery BAYRAMPASA

    Yeni Doğan Mah., Rami kişla Caddesi NO: 79/DK25
    Bayrampaşa/ Istanbul,
    Telephone: +90 (0539) 890 23 02
    E-mail: bayrampasafirin@tarbushkitchen.com

    Tarbush Bakery FATIH

    Cıbali Mahç, Haydar Caddesi NO: 83
    Fatih/ Istanbul,
    Telephone: +90 0536 072 25 73
    E-mail: fatihfirin@tarbushkitchen.com

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